Dean Winchester, Sam, Castiel.. Oh No, Disobedience !

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On Supernatural Season 4 Episode 16 (entitled : On the Head of A Pin), Castiel asks Dean to help him uncover the mysterious murder of the Angels. Castiel him self is an Angel. And it was seven angels dead in a mysterious murder. Castiel think that it is the demons who kill the angels. So Dean was asked to interrogate Alastair, one of superior demon, to tell them who the demon was killing those seven angels.

I’m not telling you the whole story. It’s worth a lot more if you watch it yourself. What I’m gonna write here is about the next fact discovered by Castiel, Dean, and Sam. It was not the Demon who killed the angels. It is Uriel, another angel who did it.

And who is Uriel? Uriel is a close friend of Castiel. They were fighting togather side by side for a long time. They have been so close for like forever. Castiel thought that Uriel was devoted to serve God as he was. But it seems that there was something about him Castiel doesn’t know.  It seems that Uriel was working against him and against God. He didn’t work to prevent the apocalypse. Indeed, he worked to bring it on the earth, by helping to raise Lucifer. The raising of Lucifer means the coming of Apocalypse on the earth.

How come an angel help to bring apocalypse on earth? How can an angel helping the enemy of God, a.k.a. Lucifer? And why would an angel do the bad thing, the disgusting thing such helping to bring the apocalypse?

Uriel said that he had never seen God. He said that God had forgotten them. Said that God doesn’t care of them anymore. And God has stop being God ever since He created Human and Humanity.

How come an angel working against God, against the Will of Heaven???

That is what I want to share here. I don’t know how the Christians see this problem. But as a Moslem, I have some opinions here regarding the Angelic Realm, or if you mind, Angelic Speculations. Let’s begin with the things that match between Islamic View of point and Supernatural-The-Series View of Point. Those are as follows.

  1. Angels do have wings. Supernatural (The Series) depicts angels as beings who have wings. Even in their human form, they sometimes show their wings to certain people. So is in Islamic View. Angels do have wings. And it’s not limited to two wings. It could be two, three, or four, even more. But two is the minimum number of wings for an angel. (as per Qur’an Sura 35:1)
  2. Not All Angel ever saw God. Anna (one of angels on earth) told Dean that she has never seen God. Only four angels who have ever seen God and received direct revelation from God. (Watch Season 4 Episode 10, entitled: Heaven and Hell). So is Islamic view. The angels who have ever seen God only those who are near to Him. Even Gabriel has never seen God directly, even though he received revelation directly. In Islamic view (according to my knowledge and interpretation to religious text), There are more angels who have never seen God than those who have ever.
  3. Angels are powerful. More powerful than demons. Both Supernatural The Series and Islamic View depict angels as a powerful beings. They are even more powerful than any demon in the world.
  4. Angels are made of light. Although not explicitly stating that angels are made of light, Supernatural The Series always depicts angels True visage as a light. You can see this when they were exorcised from human they possessed. You can also see this when Anna disappeared at Episode 10 entitled: Heaven and Hell. You can also notice this concept when an angel kill a demon, they always leave a mark of light in eyes and mouth in the demon they kill. These scenes leave an impression as if angels are light, or made of light.. So is in Islamic view. They are made of light !!
  5. There are some signs or things that prevent angels coming into a place. In Supernatural The Series, there are some symbols that prevent angels coming into certain place or room. As you can Watch at Episode 15: Death Takes a Holiday. They cannot enter the funeral house due to some symbols written by demon… So is the Islamic View. There are certain symbols (or actually not a symbol, but certain things) that prevent an angel from entering a house. Among the things are images or statue which are worshiped and honored as God, Goddess, or any supernatural beings. Certainly, according to Islamic Literature, a house with those kind of things inside it will not be entered by any angel.
  6. The Angels are mortal. The angels are mortals, according to Supernatural The Series. The only thing that can kill an angel is another angel… This is quite the same as Islamic Concept. None of God’s creations immortal. All of creatures, including demons and angels, are mortal. And for mortality, there is an angel having responsible: Izrael. He is the one who has responsible in taking life of every living human in The World…  More over, in Islamic concept, at least as I know it, all the living things shall be dead when the apocalypse come. The last who live shall be several angels, including Gabriel, the ones who carry God’s Throne, and Izrael him self. Then God commands Izrael to take the live of all those angels. And last, God commands him to take his own live to death… In Islam, at least as i know it, the life of even an angel is only able to be taken by another angel, namely Izrael.

Those are some meeting point between concept at Supernatural The Series and Islamic view point. Now, what are the different concepts between them?? Not much I am explaining here. I just give 3 differences as follows.

  1. Sex. Supernatural the Series never states that the angel have sex. However, from the name, we can perceive that Anna is female and Zaccharia is male. We’re not perceive whether Castiel and Uriel male or Female. It’s be cause Castiel and Uriel is not a male name and it ‘s not a female either. But Zaccharia and Anna are definitely a male and female name respectively, at least in English or Semitic sense… Not In Islam. Angels are sexless. The have no sex. They are not male, neither female are they.
  2. Humanic Visage. In Supernatural Concept, an angel must posses a human to get a humanic visage: a visage that can be perceive by another human as normal human being. They must use a vessel: namely human body… But not in Islam. In Islamic view (at least again as I know it) they are able to transform from their true visage to humanic visage without any vessel. They just Pop-in,  Bling. Then theiy’re in humanic visage… And just Pop-out, Bling. And they’re in their true visage… In Islamic view, They no need any vessel.
  3. Free Will. This is the last and this is the most important. In Supernatural the series, the Angels have doubts. They have  choice of doing something or not. Castiel even negotiates with Dean to do something (e.g. asking Dean to leave the town in Episode 7: “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester“). Anna also has done something considered as disobedience. It shows as if angels have choice. As if they have free will… In Islam, they have no any free will. They have minds. They are intelligent, indeed. But somehow, they don’t have any free will. They will do what God tell them to do. Without any wish to rebel, even no any wish to question!!!.. Those the angels are. They are intelligent, but they don’t have any free will.

The greatest thing here is Free Will. Without free will, the Uriel and Anna wouldn’t consider any disobedience. Without free will, there will be no Lucifer. The paradox I wrote at the beginning of this post shouldn’t be there.

Without free will, then the story wouldn’t go anywhere. Supernatural will stop at episode 15, right before the episode 16: On the of A Pin. Even it will stop at the beginning of Season 4, for the Lucifer would not consider rebels to God…

Thank God, Angels don’t have any free will. Can you imagine if they have? Can you imagine with the power and the intelligence they have, plus free will given to them, what will happen? I think they will slave us, human. I think they will take over our superiority over the earth. Even worse, we will be their slave… Thank God, with such a great power they don’t have any free will. Thank God !!!

Anyway. I don’t have any tendencies here to underestimate the concept of Supernatural Series. Indeed, I am one of fans of this series. I am also a fans of Jensen Ackles. I’m greatly get entertained after watching every single episode of this series. Sometimes I get touched by the stories, mainly ‘coz the brotherhood between Dean and Sam. I think, every episode is Master Piece. Incredibly entertaining and interesting.

And, when I read at the Internet that this Series will stop at Season 5, I am so sad and disappointed… How ever, as many fans say, this might be better. It’s better to end the Series in a great ending rather than continuing the series just to see it fade away.

I love this show !!!

But for every start, there is stop. And nothing is forever.

I hope the end of the Season 5 will be the greatest episode ever !!!


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