Supernatural The Series: Still About the Angels

Posted: May 27, 2009 in English Version, Movies & Music
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Been a while without any posts. Sigh… It’s be cause the internet connection in my office has been error for nearly two weeks!! Damn !!!

But now it’s been repaired.. So here the post again. And it is still about the conception of angels at Supernatural The Series.

Many movies are depicting angels as helpful to human and merciful as well. They are also usually described as righteous. However, in Supernatural The Series, the Angels are not always helpful, nor merciful. Neither are they righteous. Just as described by wikipedia:

Contrary to angels in television series such as Touched by an Angel, Castiel and other angels are not out helping people in need. Though he has a conscience, Castiel is willing to kill innocents if the need arises.

Misha Collins who played as Castiel also commented at Chicago Tribune Blog as follows:

“I think that these angels are at least loosely derived from some Biblical angel stories, and those angels are [very tough]. They just destroy. I picked up Revelations, and they destroy, they destroy, they destroy. There’s no mention of cherubs and harps or any of that.”

So, that’s the characteristics of the Angels at Supernatural the Series.

Castiel at "Lazarus Rising"

Castiel at "Lazarus Rising"

Then I turn and think about Islamic concept. I find it quite the same indeed.

In Islamic View of Point, each angel has its own task and job. Some as messager (who brings revelation from God), some as spreader of prosperity (literally: “Rain”), some others as “secretary” who write only virtue, or secretary who write only evil… Some other as executor of death (it’s similar to Reapers at Supernatural)… There are also executors at life after death, and there are executors who torture souls at Hell as well.

For several angels (in Islamic concept), they are probably helpful, merciful, and righteous… But for several others, especially the executors and destructor, they are not at all !!!

So, that’s another match point I’ve just found about angelic concept at Supernatural the Series and Islamic View. They are does not have to be Helpful, Merciful, nor Righteous !!!

Anyway, Season Finale for Season 4 has been aired at USA. And be cause I’m in Indonesia, I haven’t watched it yet… What a poor !!! Hopefully I will have bougth the DVD or downloaded it by this saturday.

  1. amanazra says:

    Hi deddy rm,

    You are right. Not all angels are good. The concept of fallen angels – nephillim and ‘evil angels’ is in the Christian bible, among others. Angels are exactly as you describe them, some good and some evil, all still specific to the tasks they were given at creation, eg the good guardian angels angels protect humanity and those lost to evil seek their destruction. It is a very broad and interesting topic.

    Thanks for you article, it is very interesting. Though I have never seen the tv series, I’ll watch out for it.

    Ama Nazra

  2. I have been a fan since the first season. Thank you for doing the tribute.

  3. deddy rm says:

    Thank You for the comments Guys!!

    @ Ama Nazra: I’m new to blogging. Your comment is the first one for me. So I think it’s so very special to me :D.
    About the show, it’s worth-watching I think, even though the number of Viewers at US has been steadily at only around 3 million people. But don’t hope too much. Angelic concept only Appears at Season 4. Whilst season 1-3 it focuses only on demons.

    Anyway, I’m glad for sharing the same interest with you. Unfortunately, you don’t leave any link to your blog or site.

    @ Celticmusicfan: Hey Dude!! You know what, beside a fan of Supernatural, I am also a fan of Celtic musics as well. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult in Indonesia here to get CD/cassette of celtic musics.. But I’m glad that we share two same interests… And unfortunately, again, is blocked at my office internet-network. And I don’t have any internet connection at my home. So, sorry. Even if I’m interested to your web/blog, I can’t visit it.

  4. amanazra says:

    Hello Deddy RM,

    Thank you!! 🙂 I’m also new to blogging. And don’t have any comments from people yet, not even sure if they have found my blogs .. but that’s ok. I think I am mainly limbering up my fingers for more writings. 🙂

    I saw the first 3 series of supernatural on the video store shelves last night, I’ll keep an eye out for the 4th.

    Links .. is my webpages, that have been around since 2000 the general blog .. angels and demons .. not the book, the real stuff .. thoughts about the subject the final one.

    You are welcome to check it all out if you ever get your internet sorted.

    Have a great day,
    Love & Light

  5. dalam Islam, malaikat ga berpikir dan membantah seperti di film supernatural….

  6. deddy rm says:

    Sorry Pal. It’s been so long I’m away from this blog. i’ll check out your links next time. Promise you…

    Yup.. Emang malaikat nggak membantah. tapi kayaknya mereka tetap berfikir dech. Mereka khan juga punya akal. Dan mereka juga pernah bertanya khan: “Apakah engkau akan menciptakan makhluk yang akan menumpahkan darah?”

  7. themalaysia2222 says:

    Angels are all good.They’re fear of God,they don’t disobey.They did what God told.

    Dalam Islam pd mulanya malaikat nga gitu setuju atas ciptaan Allah yg baru iaitu manusia.Tp mereka memilih utk patuh,kerana takut sama Allah.

    • Ama Nazra says:

      Hi Malaysia2222,

      Angels are not all good. The Christian bible has an ‘evil angel from the Lord’ in 1st Kings. It was harassing Saul. And, though I have had many many experiences with angels over the years, I have never met one that ‘fears’ God. They Love, Honour and Worship God. They hold God in awe and wonder. They are profoundly obedient, because they were created to be so. They do not fear the One they know as unconditionally loving.

      People taught each other to fear God. It is very sad that they felt the need to do this. If we stopped fearing God maybe we could all learn to ‘Love One Another’ .. which is the greatest of God’s requests.

      Love & Light

      • mike hike says:

        you have met angels ,please please help me with that, i want to be a true servant of god in his presence and his angels presence .i want to meet them please i really want to , it will be my salvation to meet god’s loyal creatures . i hope that i’m one of his loyal creatures.

    • thing2think says:

      Hi TheMalaysia2222 & Ama Nazra,
      You are talking from different stand point each other.

      TheMalaysia2222 is talking from Islamic Stand Point.
      While Ama Nazra is talking from Christian Stand Point.
      (Am I Right, Ama Nazra?? CMIIW)

      So please don’t blame each other here.
      Everyone has his/her own faith.

      And by the way, since Supernatural Story is based on Christian Faith, so Christian Stand Point applies here.

      deddy rm

      • Ama Nazra says:

        Hi Thing2think,

        I do not call myself Christian. The standpoint I take is the one I was taught by angels, that existed long before Christianity did .. and they are part of every religion on earth in many different forms. Yes, I call ‘God’ God .. but then I also call it Father (not Dad), Abba (not the band) which the angels name it, Allah on occasion, the Goddess, and various other Deity names depending on the belief system of the person I am writing to. I believe in the Christ energy for two reasons .. one – I’ve seen it in action, and two – angels and demons believe in it too. And Jesus the man has been proved to exist, and he was called Christus .. archaeologists have proved this now. Whether he was the son of God can be debated, or a combined being both human and Christ energy (my personal opinion), he wasn’t Christian either. He was Jew.

      • Ama Nazra says:

        To Mike Hike: You wrote: “you have met angels ,please please help me with that, i want to be a true servant of god in his presence and his angels presence .i want to meet them please i really want to , it will be my salvation to meet god’s loyal creatures . i hope that i’m one of his loyal creatures.

        Salvation came from Grace, not actions. To be a true servant of God has nothing to do with angels. Be a good person. Act kindly, be truthful and thoughtful and loving. Only you and God know if you are a true Servant – in a way its a choice you make from moment to moment. Again, it has nothing to do with angels. They might disappoint you. They will not tell you what to do. They will not make decisions for you. They will not help you to become something you have not already chosen to be. The Michael protect your Spirit, your god-self, the Uriel remind us of our chosen life lessons, the Raphael will help with our healing, if we have made the request for them to do so before our life begins, and the Gabriel inspire us .. but none of them are not allowed to interfere in any of our choices.

        Seeing angels .. they are everywhere. They look like people in the street – sometimes they are people in the street. They can look like anything, and anyone, from the ugliest to the most beautiful .. but we do not need to see them. We need instead, to look within ourselves and find God there. The angels cannot lead us on that journey .. only we can.

  8. Rob M. says:

    Executing the will of God is always righteous, even angles tasked with torturing the damned. While angles have free will in Islam, it is but their nature to only obey God.

    • Ama Nazra says:

      For Rob M .. does God love everyone and everything unconditionally? While I wrote earlier that the Bible says there is an ‘evil angel from the Lord’, the entity that send it does not Love anything and anyone unconditionally .. and yet, the God of Jesus, EL, not Jehovah, teaches ‘love one another as I have loved you’.

      If there are ‘damned’ they condemn themselves. They torture themselves. But not for long. No angel does this. The angels are created from the energy of Love – for them to feel a need, or obey a command, to punish anything they must first fall and become demons. Hence Saul’s ‘evil angel’ was actually fallen .. in other words, a demon.

      Ghosts, lost human souls, who have not returned to Heaven, in whatever form we believe it exists, punish themselves through remaining within their own pain and fear, by not letting go of the life they have previously lived. They don’t remain that way forever, thanks Heavens, but while they do they can share this nightmare experience with the living .. which is why people like me exist .. we rescue lost souls and send them into healing.

      I am a Spirit Rescuer and a demonologist – that means I deal with nasty entities (not talk to them), and have the privilege of a connection with the other side, the true angels of our Lord/Creator. Regardless of what is written in the various Bibles that humanity has created .. God/Allah or whatever name you wish to give it … Loves Humanity and all its other creations Unconditionally. If it didn’t, we would all be in hell. No man (or woman) on this planet has not defied the strictures of our various Faiths, and yet we are still here.

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