How can I not like mathematics?: A Guardian blogpost

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Bermain-main Angka & Matematika, English Version

I’ve just found this writing. It’s nice i think. It’s interesting, expecially for those who like mathematics.

This writing reminds me at the moment when I was at school: from elementary school to bachelor-degree-college.
I’m just wondering, why I liked mathematics so much.

I think the articel from Du Sautoy gives me the answer. I like mathematics be cause I read popular books about mathematics. Be cause I see mathematics not as a monster. I love it be cause I know that many great works and wonderful creativities were delivered by mathematics…. Be cause mathematics is more than just a subject or a lesson… It’s an art and creativity.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not an expert in mathematics. I’m just engineer. As an engineer, I use only a little mathematical concept in calculation. Indeed, I just use a few of basic principles only. Mostly Algebra and trigonometry. I even barely use calculus. If calculus is barely used, whatsover other sophisticated concepts.

But that does not discourage me of mathematics.
I’m interested in mathematics even though I’m not expert at it.
I admire all the concept and it’s great work.

Mathematics is an acumulation of human-kind creativity over 6 milenium.
How can I not love this subject?? I do Appreciate and Admire it so much !!!

  1. I cant read your blog posts. You use a dark font on a slightly darker shade background. Surely you noticed this yourself by now?

    • thing2think says:

      Thanks for giving me comment on my blog appearance. Appreciate that. I’ve already changed the theme. Hope everyone could read it clearly now. Thanks a lot.

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    i have a lot of interesting posts.

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