Wikipedia Needs You !!!

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Cipika-Cipiki, English Version
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Been a while without internet access. For more than 2 weeks I’ve been on site for some construction jobs. Back to the office, and I found that the company had a new policy: Restriction of internet access. Only those “special people” were righteous to have internet access. Most of others were Not… So, for nearly one month I haven’t been accessing my favorite Site, namely Wikipedia.

To day I am accessing it again. There is something eye-catching. In every page of wikipedia I open, there is something like banner, an offering (or request) for us to donate to them. Yeah, I know for so long that Wikipedia needs donation. I’ve also learnt how to donate.. I do realize that wikipedia is kind of social website that gives us many information for free. No ads, no sponsorship, no nothing. It really works independently. it only relies on our donation.

But the banner I looked this morning shocks me (Am I right mentioned  it as banner??). I don’t know, is it just my feeling or what. But I feel now Wikipedia really needs money. It seems like it desperately needs donation. Here some banner for an example how that feeling built up.

It’s not really surprising. It just tells us that currently wikipedia has 13 million articles and it want to grow up to, say, 25 million (Please be aware that this number is total articles of Wikipedia in all language).. But let see a more persuasive offering as follows.

As if it says: “Hey, we need  US$ 7.5 M to grow up. We only have 0.6 !!“. Isn’t that “persuasive” enough??? Well, let’s se again another “banner”.

Well… Last snap shot I could give you: the most heart-breaking banner… Wikipedia seems to need you very badly..

Dude,,, This free-encyclopedia’s like dying. Collapsing, desperately need help. Is it really so or is it just my feeling???

Anyway, I think it’s worth-donating. This site (despite pros and cons in it) is really helpful. Some analysts say that this kind of encyclopedia is not really good. With a massive number of article, broad portal and subject it handles, but minimum manpower as well as fund they have, it seems like this free encyclopedia can’t achieve good quality in all their articles.  Until I write this blog, there are only 2,689 featured articles out of 3,096,430 articles on the English Wikipedia. Frankly speaking: there are only less than 0.1% articles qualify enough to be classified as “Standard Articles“. The 99.9% of articles are not verified yet as standard articles. Hence, there is no guarantee that you get the right information as well as neutral point of view when you read an article in Wikipedia without star symbol (showing that it is featured article).

And now, wikipedia needs you. It needs donations. For many things I think. But I assume mainly it is for providing technology (say for instance: a larger storage hardware to store all the articles). But I also do hope that it also will be used for hiring expert to verify articles so that more and more articles qualify enough to be classified as Featured Article.

I my self for so long have been really wishing to donate. But to make donation, I have to have Credit Card or PayPal Account. I don’t have both… Actuallyu there is another option to donate to wikipedia: by direct deposit. But I live in Indonesia. I think it’ll be a little difficult to make a donation by this way. It’s also costly I think. And for sure, I won’t donate very much since Indonesian standard salary for engineer like me is quite low. Probably, cost for direct deposit will be quite high compared to amount of donation I’ll make… So until now, I’ve never donated to Wikipedia.

But next year I have plan to apply credit card. I do have commitment to donate a little money after my application confirmed. However, once again it might not be very much. Again, Indonesian percapita income is not high. And it also applies to me.

So if you have Credit Card, or pay pal account, why don’t you donate for this free encyclopedia??? It’s worth donating. And even if today there are so many articles unverified in the encyclopedia, by your donation and by your brain (if you qualify enough), lets make this encyclopedia better.

I am dreaming to have a large library again. Just like House of Wisdom, the largest library in the Islamic Era at Middle Ages. Just like Library of Alexandria, the largest library in the ancient history. Why don’t we work hand in hand to rebuild our-own-age library???

Lets Donate !!!

Update as of November 19,2009:

Looking at this banner today :

To days ago, they had only US$ 0.6 M. Today they have already 0.8 M.. US$ 200,000 in just 2 days?? Well That’s awesome. Keep the donation at rate as this pass-two-day, and wikipedia will get its US$ 7.5 M in next 67 days… Just 2 months to go. Will it be??? Lets Just See.

Keep Donating, Pals!!!

  1. ikki says:

    Wew … my site still lack of content, pal, not like yours … 🙂

    and I amaze with your english too, buddy ^^

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