Amethystium: Lack of Promotion and Marketing??

Posted: February 22, 2010 in English Version, Movies & Music
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Øystein Ramfjord, the man behind Amethystium

One of my favorite New-Age Projects is Amethystium. It is an Ambient-Electronical-Ethereal New Age Musical Project created by Norwegian multi-instrumentalist: Øystein Ramfjord. I think it’s so very incredible that this kind of project is solely based on the work of a single person. Well I’m sure he’s not alone. There must be some persons supporting him, at least the personnels from recording company (Neurodisc Records). But still, i think it’s very wonderfull that this kind of beatiful project is created almost solely by Øystein Ramfjord.

To the day this article is written, Amethystium has already released 5 albums:

  1. Odonata
  2. Aphelion
  3. Evermind
  4. Emblem (Selected Piece)
  5. Isabliss

The first 3 albums are to be defined as Trilogy. And if you see the covers of those first three albums, all of them are Dragon-Fly themed.

Odonata Album Cover

Aphelion Cover Album

Evermind Cover Album

I do love all of the songs in all of the five-albums. But there is something that I think  lack in Amethystium:  Promotions and Marketing.

Why do I say so?

Well, Amethystium albums are recorded by Neurodisc Records. Besides Amethystium, Neurodisc is also recording Blue Stone and Sleepthief. Both are New-age project with slightly different caracters each other. But for sure, both of them are different compared to Amethystium. I’m not expert in music classification.  The music classification area it self is more individual-subjective opinion rather than well-defined categorization… Blue Stone has already released three albums, while Sleepthief has only released 2 albums. Definitely, Amethystium has released more album than both of two other New-Age Projects.

But despite more albums, I see less promotions, less Official YouTube Video, and Less Fans on social network websites (Case: FaceBook). Official Amethistium Page on Facebook has only 89 fans. While Sleepthief has 783 fans and Blue stone has 3761 fans.  How come a great new age project like Amethystium (at least in my opinion) has only 89 fans?? Well, not only the number of fans, but also the interactivity and the activity of the official page is also dissapointing. When I look at Official page on Facebook of Blue Stone and Sleepthief, the admins are actively updates their status, giving links to videos or articles, or just say “Hi” to the fans, or whatever. It’s not happening to Amethystium Fan Page. It seems so quite.

Then lets Turn to YouTube. Both Sleepthief and Blue Stone has Official Channel on YouTube. And the official channel are loaded with tonnes of video, both official videos and unoffical ones  (i.e. video created by fans). And that’s not the case for Amethystium: There is no Official Channel on YouTube as well as there is no Official Video (there’s only video from fans, and it NOT officials)… I don’t what’s the problem, it could be there is no enough fund to create an official video, there is no enough man power to keep official channel running, or what.

I don’t know the case of Twitter or other social networking website. I’m just not that into the social networking webs.

Then lets continue our tour to official websites.

Sleepthief has a very-up-to-date website. I think mostly because they just two months ago releasing their new Album: Labyrinthine Heart.

Blue Stone, until to day I don’t find their official website.

Amethystium has one. But it was updated nearly 2 years ago: on June 2008.

God, I am desperately finding the information of my favorite New-Age Project.

I love Blue Stone and Sleepthief. And I am happy that both of them give me enough resources, either video, updates, and intractivity and activity on social networking websites such as Facebook.

But my utmost favorites in New Age project is definitely Amethystium.  And it is for sure lack of promotion and marketing if i might say.

Is it because Amethystium working in Norway, which is thaousands miles a part from United States?

Or is it because Amethystium nearly working alone?? I mean is it because the personnel is only Øystein Ramfjord, hence he couldn’t manage enough time to produce some official videos, updating websites and managing social networking website page?

Or is it because Øystein Ramfjord is preparing a new album right now?

Well I don’t know.

What ever it is, I am loving this Amethystium A Lot.

And I hope in the future, there will be enough promotion for the project.

That’s it.

And oohhh, just for a note, I am writing this article/opinion while listening to some songs from album Emblem & Isabliss I’ve download from YouTube.

  1. FreeRangeAuthor says:

    I’ve mentioned to Ramfjord (through his MySpace pages) that he should try to get a contract for a movie score – that would expand his market exposure tremendously. His music is perfect for science fiction or fantasy cinema.

    Electronica is a narrow demographic, so it’s harder to get a broad audience, without producing material for another market – think Vangelis and his score for Chariots of Fire. Before Chariots he was little known, except for core fans.

    • FreeRangeAuthor says:

      Forgot to mention, many of your links in this article are broken – the mouse hover shows the url, but the link is often blank.

    • thing2think says:

      Great comment. I think you’re right. He should expose his music to a more well-accepted market, i.e. Movie & Cinema. Once he gets the contract, he will be more well-known… Oh, and today there’s one of my friend listened to One of Amethystium album: Isabliss. And he said that Amethystium is quite good. He even likes the album. After all, if more people know his music, i think they will appreciate him even more…

      Thanks for your comment on broken link. I’ll try to fix it.

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