Hell on Earth: Problems in Our Lives

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Cipika-Cipiki, English Version, Kritik Pedas
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If you don’t trust me, how can you help me??” Cole Sear in The Sixth Sense Movie.

Identifying the problem is one third of solving the problem. Understanding it is another one third. Solving the problem itself is the last one third. Hell, Problem assessment takes two third of problem solving.

And as nobody can identify nor understand our problem, then apparently there is no one can solve our problem but ourselves.

Our daily life is fully packed with problems. Each person thinks his/her problem is the most severe problem compared to any other people’s problem. Each person thinks that he/she is the most pitiest human in the world. Each person thinks that he/she is the one who deserves help the most.

Well, I may be overgeneralizing the case. May be not everyone thinks like that.

But I think everyone must admit that at certain point of his/her life, he/she will feel like he/she is encountering a huge problem.

Sometimes we need to talk. Not to seek solution. But we just merely want someone to hear us. We just merely want to share our burden. Not that we want someone to carry our burden. Neither do we want someone help us to carry it. We just want to release our pressure inside.

Some people might say: “Let God be our listener“.

Pray to God. He is the one who will listen to you and help you

Hasbunallaah. Ni’mal Maulaa wa Ni’man Nashiir

(“Allah suffices me. He is the best guardian and the best helper – and listener as well“)

But not everyone believes in God.

Even though they believe in God, not everyone has good interaction with Him.

And even though they do have good interaction with God, they are still human.

They are still intelligent-social-animal. Yes, Social-Animal.

And as interaction with God is more spiritual-aspect rather than social-aspect,

sometimes we just want somebody to listen to us.

So I think there is no mistake in sharing our problem to other person we trust.

But the word “trust” itself raises another problem.

Can we find someone we can trust??

Does he/she trust us?

Because some friends and partners won’t be trustful enough

Some may also don’t trust us, partly or at all

So if you find someone you trust and he/she trust you, congratulation…

But in the end, just like what I write in the first of this note, nobody can identify nor understand our problem but ourselves. Nobody can solve our problem the way we are.

They might help. But the best solution should be coming from our own effort.

By the way,

What the hell actually am I writing??

I don’t know!

I just don’t know.

I just want to share my burden to you.

But I can’t exactly understand my problem…

Damn, I couldn’t even identify my problem!!!


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