Microsoft Downgrading Free SkyDrive Capacity from 25 GB to 7 GB

Posted: April 24, 2012 in IT & Computer Science, Kritik Pedas
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I’ve just realized today, that Microsoft SkyDrive is quietly downgraded by Microsoft. The free storage is downgraded from 25 GB to 7 GB. I can understand why Microsoft doing this. Many free cloud storage services give free storage not as much as Microsoft. For example: Box, Dropbox, Sugarsync, fiabee, and even the anticipated Google Drive only provide free storage not more than 5 GB. Off course for service like SugarSync and Dropbox, they give incentive to user who promote their service by adding more storage if the user recommend the service to their friends or collegue. (like 500 MB for every friend/colleague recommended).

I totally understand if Microsoft eventually thinks that 25 GB maybe too “generous”. What I don’t understand is why they downgrade the free storage capacity for existing user?? Why they just don’t downgrade the capacity for new users who create the SkyDrive account from today and so on??

Why??? Why don’t they appreciate the existing users?? And it’s getting worse when they don’t give announcement on this. They don’t send an email to my live email account about this!!! How Come???? I know about this downgrade through a post on Google+. How come??

I know, the existing users still can re-claim their free 25 GB storage. All we have to do is login lo skydrive, and then re-claim it by clicking some links. However, not all users are aware of this. Not all users also login to SkyDrive on daily basis. And what about email?? Why there isn’t any single email announcing about this?? And to make it worse, apparently there is time limit for user to re-claim their 25 GB free storage. I don’t know when time limit is, but on skydrive, is clearly state that user must “If you act now!“… I’m sure, it means that whenever the time limit is over, every user cannot reclaim the 25 GB, and instead their storage will be cut out to only 7 GB.

Why so?? I don’t understand. May be they just wanna make users piss off ! (~_~)

  1. try says:

    Interesting the above article, I read carefully.
    What make me interested is the article’s author, you, instead of its content :-).

    I really don’t understand all about you expain in that article. You already know me,my brain is likely not compatible to computer sciences,such you write above.

    How to make those sentences so easily to understand-understandable-, using the simple word but very perfect at grammar. Thats all I think.. 🙂

    Rochmadi, keep writing…
    -enlightening mind,expanding horizon-
    (too often to gramedia..he.he)

  2. lucky you (*may be not too). but i just knew this by yesterday, then i checkd my skydrive account. i also got the same! damn! they didn’t even send me any email to notify this! i lose my chance to save my 25GB storage… now what?! what to do? nothing… i just can complain; waiting for answer from hotmail-skydrive service….. x.x”

  3. Randy Van says:

    I found out cutoff is June 25, 2012. 18GB gone 😦

  4. lendiccj says:


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